Ground Transportation

We provide over-the-road transportation of cargo using motor vehicles, such as trucks and tractor trailers. If you need to transport any goods such as dry cargo, oil, gas, or diesel, our trucks is the best way to fit your needs.

Ocean Transportation

We provide movement of your cargo to any international destination. Prepare and process the documentation and performs related activities pertaining to those shipments. One of the eco friendly way of trasport goods.

Railroad Transportation

Do you need freight transportation for long distances, hazmat materials, or extremely heavy items? Shipping by train offers huge cost savings over traditional truckload shipping. Not to mention it's better for the environment too!.

Air Transportation

If you need to deliver your goods fast, we have specially for you an air transportation service.

Our Services

•Chartering of vessels

•Cargo insurance

•Drawing up drawings and developing a loading scheme, determining the degree of oversize, loading fasteners

•Tracking the passage of goods

•Terminal services

•Handling of goods in ports

•Storing in ports

•Organization of transportation using ferry crossings



•Operating a fleet of freight wagons of a wide profile of destination

•Provision of rolling stock

•Payment of railway tariffs on the whole route along the territories of the railways of the participants of transportation

•Customs procedures in Azerbaijan

•Securing cargo on the way Information support

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